Thinking of selling your property?

If you are thinking of selling your property, it may be time to employ some DIY improvements to increase your property value. The thought of installing a lavish kitchen or master en-suite may seem appealing, however, many expensive home upgrades won’t yield a worthwhile return on investment. If you are eager to turn a profit when it is time to sell your house, check out these simple ways to increase your home’s value:

Add some smart technology: If you want to make your home more valuable, then it is time to do some smart thinking. Investing in some smart home technology can increase your home’s value, without the expense of a huge renovation. Make smart enhancements like air conditioners, fibre, solar heating, inverter and security systems.

Tidy your garden: Have your trees trimmed and garden tidied up. This is one of the easiest ways to add value to your home and is relatively inexpensive, more especially if you do it yourself.

Remove your carpeting: Nowadays  buyers dislike carpeting for several reasons. Laying down a shiny new laminated wood floor will pay for itself several times over and adds a pleasing aesthetic to the house.

Add an irrigation system: Everyone loves the look of lush green lawn and verdant garden, however their desire to maintain their greenery is a different story. So, if you are eager to have a beautiful garden all year round install an irrigation system.

Finish up any minor repairs around the house: Those little repairs around the house are not a waste of time and if you do not attend to them in a timely manner, you could end up losing a lot of money. Leaking taps, cracked walls and windows, are the perfect starting point.

Replace face plates and wall switches: Old, scratched light switch covers and plug plates may have once gone with your home’s décor, but now they just look dated and it is time for them to go. Fortunately, it is an inexpensive task and only takes a few minutes to replace existing covers with new ones, giving your walls a better aesthetic appeal.

Upgrade your entrance: This is a major selling point when it comes to potential buyers.  Ensure that the entry is inviting and neat and sets a positive impression from the start.

Go minimal: Ornate fabrics and patterns, while pleasing on the eye, will not yield a major return on investment. When you’re looking to improve your home’s value, minimalism yields maximum money. Buyers today are very influenced by TV and that seems to dictate what many people say they are looking for i.e. neutral colours, clean surfaces and open spaces.

And lastly, DO Keep up with the Joneses: If you aren’t sure which contractors you should employ or where you should buy your hardware or fixtures and fittings, just look to your neighbour’s house for inspiration.  Moreover, keep your property to the same value as the rest of the houses in the neighbourhood and do not over capitalise.